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Project Logistcs

  • Role 🎭: Designer & Developer
  • Design 🖋️: Figma & M3
  • Tech πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»: Firebase & Flutter
  • Platforms πŸ“±: Android & IOS
  • Time Frame ⏳: 6 Weeks+
  • Project Size πŸŽ‹: Medium

Project Summary

Barora is a mobile app available on both iOS and Android, developed for Barora Company. This project was an amazing and fun experience, as I had the opportunity to design, test, and develop an application from scratch that holds memories for Ring Buyers from Barora.

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What's The App All About?

The app allows users to store, view, and cache media files. It also sends reminders and keeps track of special events with various personalization options. All while maintaining high performance!

✨ Key Features

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Secure User Authentication

πŸ”’ The authentication feature, powered by Firebase and Firebase Flutter, enables seamless user login and signup. Users can create accounts, log in, and access personalized content. It supports email/password, Google Auth, and Apple ID Auth, with email verification for security. With our feature, users have a secure and flexible authentication experience. πŸ”

2FA, Keeping All Accounts Safe

Provides a secure and flexible two factor authentication feature that users can enable or disable according to their preferences. This way, users can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that their accounts are protected by an extra layer of verification πŸ”. Moreover, users can easily update their passwords whenever they want, with just a few clicks! πŸ–±οΈ

Futeristic A.I. πŸ€– Assistant

Leverages the power of cutting-edge AI Technologies to help users discover the app's features, perform tasks, and access written guides and tutorials. It offers a user-friendly chat interface that users can easily interact with, just like talking to a friend. πŸ—£οΈ

Upload & Store Media Files

Enables users to store their media content in the cloud ☁️, upload images πŸ“· and videos πŸŽ₯ up to the capacity of their subscription plan πŸ’³ and enjoy a smooth and simple process πŸš€!

Free, Plus, And Premium!

A comprehensive Plans/Subscription system that allows the users to enjoy the app and unlock its full potential! Featuring various plans a user can choose from, supported by multiple payment options!
A truly deluxe experience! 🌟

Change Anything, Opt Out Any Time

The app offers convenient methods to modify the user’s information and preferences. With the option to opt-out, users reconfirm their identity and then can delete their account which will initiate a permanent server request that wipes out all the user’s data including reminders and media files! πŸ˜€

Reminding You Of Special Days!

A lovely anniversary feature that lets the user schedule reminders to recur and receive notifications, and also provide details about each reminder with also adorable stickers or an image of their choice. πŸ’• A user also can edit or remove a reminder any time they want. πŸ™Œ

Play Videos, Change Looks πŸ‘

A versatile video player, with a download-cache-replay feature that rivals the most advanced apps to ensure a smooth user experience regardless of the network quality, online/offline! 😎
It also comes with Light/Dark Mode! No more eye strain. 😍

You Are Supported & Heard πŸ’–

An elaborate support system that links any user with the developers effortlessly! πŸ™Œ
It takes steps to ensure that the user is listened to and comprehended, while offering a web-hook connection to social media platforms which admins will utilize to receive support messages and resolve problems, and record suggestions & bugs! 🐞

Saleh Waleed

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